• Classes

    Each student is given individual attention and is encouraged to practice at his/her own rate.
    If a student cannot practice certain postures, variations and substitutions will be offered.
    Please contact the studio if you are not sure which class to attend. All classes include a deep relaxation component.
    Wear clothes to move in, bare feet, food digested. Bring a yoga mat if you have one,
    purchase a high quality mat at the studio, or rent one for $1 per class.

    Alignment-based and Iyengar yoga teaches each student how to practice yoga poses with optimal alignment. Results include increased strength, flexibility and vital energy. Others are improved breathing, circulation, organ and endocrine functions. This mindful practice cultivates an overall sense of inner balance, vitality, and well-being; the nervous system is brought into balance. This method is directly carried over into the daily tasks of standing, sitting, and moving in all endeavors as posture is  greatly improved.  Each class focuses on a particular aspect of asana practice during which yoga is investigated in detail. Non-dogmatic ancient yoga philosophy and science underlies the teachings. Fun is had as well!

    FUNDAMENTALS   Introduces basic yoga poses and breath awareness with an emphasis on optimal alignment. Good for newcomers to yoga, and for those who wish to practice basics.
    LEVEL I   Includes an expanding variety of yoga poses with an emphasis on optimal alignment. Supported inversions are introduced. Those in good physical condition may begin here.
    LEVEL II  Vigorous practice covering the entire span of yoga poses. Inversions and pranayama are taught. Optimal alignment is emphasized in sophisticated sequencing of poses.  Good physical condition and some yoga experience recommended.
    RESTORATIVE  Sustained and prop-supported yoga poses help students profoundly relax and let go as they experience the connections of mind, breath and body. Restorative sequences also support the body’s immune system, and provide balance to more active type classes and practices. Restorative classes are sometimes offered as a special series, offered on a monthly basis, (see Schedule), and are periodically taught within the regular class schedule.

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    Experience asana practice in new and liberating ways with the use of wall ropes.
    We will explore a variety of poses (standing, twists, backbends, seated, and inversions)
    in ways that facilitate spinal and large joint traction, refine alignment, and increase
    strength and flexibility. The practice is very focused, but also playful

    PRENATAL OPTION Women who have an established yoga practice that predates pregnancy may attend certain regularly scheduled classes. Poses are adjusted and substituted as pregnancy progresses. Please contact the studio to determine which class you should attend.