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    Class Card Policy
    • Class Cards last three months from the date of purchase, or the first class attendedStudents may use Class Cards for any class appropriate to their level. Class Cards are non-transferable to others, are extended for studio closings longer than two weeks, will not be extended due to cancellations caused by inclement weather or teachers’ unexpected absences unless they occur more than once during the period paid for.
      Class cards may be purchased in advance; they do not begin until the first class attended.
      No extensions or refunds.
    • New Student Special for those who have never attended a class or workshop at the studio
    • Multi-week Series on special topics are periodically offered in varying amounts of consecutive weeks; prices vary.
      No extensions or refunds. (see WORKSHOPS, SERIES)
    • Current Class Card holders receive a discount on high quality props, and on selected workshops and series
    • Trial Class: Students may apply a Drop-in fee to a Class Card if the purchase is made immediately after the class attended. Students can easily register and pay for classes when they arrive at the studio.
      $20 minimum for credit cards.

    All major credit cards accepted through paypal.

    New Student Special

    30 Days
    Unlimited classes
    for First-Time Students*

    Cash or check inc. CT tax = $53.18
    Credit Card/Online payment inc CT tax = $55.30

    *not for pregnant students

    Class Cards

    Class Card Payments

    Drop-in: $20 + CT tax = $21.27

    Full-Time College/Grad Student Discount

    with ID
    3 Month Class Card

    12 Classes: $99 + CT tax = $106

    Student Discount payment

    Drop-in: $15 + CT tax = $16

    Workshops & Series

    Online Payment Pricing

    Gift Certificates

    Private Sessions

    Private Yoga Class $100 per hour + tax =$106.35

    2 Students: $120 per hour +  tax= $127.62

    Private Class Online Pricing

    Yoga Props

    High quality yoga props for sale: sticky mats, blocks, straps, eyebags, yoga toe stretchers. Sticky mat rental $1 per class