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    30 DAYS
    For students who have never attended a class or workshop at the studio.
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    Class Cards will last for 30 days from the first class attended.
    Unlimited classes during this time period.
    No extensions or refunds. 
    *Not for pregnant women attending regular classes.
    Cannot be combined with other discounts. In the rare event a class is cancelled there will be no extensions.


    Sunday, October 29  1:30-4pm

    yoga-for-scoliosis-book-cover-elise-millermadeleine assisting ropes down dog

    with Madeleine Hexter
    $50     Current 3 Month Class Card Holders: $45
    SPACE LIMITED. Pre-registration suggested.
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    Students will practice traditional yoga poses that lengthen and strengthen the back as they help to balance the spine’s irregularities. The emphasis is on optimal alignment. This workshop will be very helpful for those with scoliosis and most back conditions. Poses will be adapted and modified to suit individual needs. NO YOGA EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.
    Madeleine Hexter is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor and a Scoliosis Trainer.
    She has been teaching yoga to people with scoliosis since 2002. 
    Her students have experienced relief from pain as they bring their bodies into more symmetrical patterns and peacefulness to their minds. Madeleine has apprenticed and worked with Senior Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Elise Browning Miller, a world renowned expert on scoliosis and back care, and author of  Yoga for Scoliosis.Elise Miller’s  newest book Yoga for Scoliosis: A Path for Students & Teachers will be available at the workshop for $32 inc. CT tax


    with Rikki Alrutz, Certified Pilates Instructor
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    Friday, November 10   7:15-8:15pm
    $20 + CT TAX = $21.27
    One punch on any Class Card (will be taken as pre-payment to register) +$5 cash only
    Let the studio know you intend to do this please.
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    Foam rollers (provided) are tools that can be used to release knots in muscles and surrounding fascia, increase blood flow to these areas, and break up scar tissue.The exercises are designed to help students gain insight into specific areas of tightness and imbalance as they challenge their balance and stamina.

      O  N  G  O  I  N  G    S  P  E  C  I  A  L    C  L   A  S  S  E  S
     IYENGAR YOGA: Monthly Restorative Class
    October 30, November 27, December 18
    with Madeleine Hexter, Certified Iyengar Instructor
    All Class Cards and Drop-ins welcome. Please pay when you arrive.
    Students relax profoundly in sustained, prop-supported poses as they
    let go and experience the connections of body, breath and mind.
    Restorative sequences also support the body’s immune system, and provide
    balance to more active types of classes and practices.
    Ongoing Special Class: photo hanging am vira jane b&w ROPES YOGA
    Thursdays,  10am-11am
    with Sandra Kopell, E-RYT, M.A.L.S., B.K.S. Iyengar Teacher Training Graduate
    Saturdays, 11am-noon
    with Laurie Welch, , B.K.S. Iyengar Teacher Training Graduat
    Class Cards welcome, Drop-ins $21 (inc. CT tax), Student Drop-in $16 (inc. CT tax)
    Please pay when you arrive and check SCHEDULE page for any NO CLASS dates that may arise
    Experience asana practice in new and liberating ways with the use of wall ropes. We will explore a variety of poses (standing, twists, backbends, seated, and inversions) in ways that facilitate spinal and large joint traction, refine alignment, and increase strength and flexibility.
    BOOK SALE to Benefit the Immigrant Bail Fund

    This sale of used books about yoga, ayurveda, spirituality, Eastern thought,
    the human body and movement is ongoing. Please feel free to peruse the books directly before
    or after any class. Proceeds will go to the Immigrant Bail Fund https://www.immigrantbailfund.org/
    Cash only.


    $775  proceeds from this class have been fully donated to the American Civil Liberties Union!
    Thanks to all who attended and/or donated in the practice of satyagraha, adherence to the truth.