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    Expert instruction since 1991

    All Faculty are graduates of B.K.S. Iyengar Teacher Training Programs
    Alignment Yoga includes All Levels Beginners-Advanced,

    Back Care, Scoliosis, Wall Ropes, Restorative, Prenatal Option
    The Studio Director is retiring in October and the tight knit community of students would like to keep the fully-equipped space going as they form a cooperative. They are seeking an instructor, or a few instructors, who are familiar with the Iyengar method, either Certified Iyengar Instructor, Graduate of an official Iyengar Teacher Training Program, or someone who is in the midst of either of these processes. They will also consider excellent teachers whose focus is on alignment in asana. This is a great opportunity to step into an established studio where the students value feedback and corrections. There is also the opportunity to purchase the studio now, or eventually, and run it without a cooperative body. If you are interested please send your CV to info@yogainmiddletown.com

    N E W  S T U D E N T  S P E C I A L !
    for First-Time Students
    30 days/$50

    50% DISCOUNT
    for Full-time College and Grad Students

    Our beautiful, fully equipped sunlit studio with 
    sprung wood floor is available for rent by the hour or day